Brookville Behavioral Health, Inc.


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Services provided in the home, school, and community

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services



Starting the process is as easy as calling today to place a referral for services to begin at Brookville office @ 814-849-2844,  Punxsutawney Office @ 814-618-5829, DuBois Office @ 814-371-1088, or Clearfield Office @ 814-205-4164.  Then an intake specialist will be in contact to schedule an intake to gather information.  Then we will schedule a psychological evaluation to determine what services will best fit your child and families needs.  The following explain what roles each staff would play when coming into the home, community, or school with your child.


What is a BSC (Behavioral Specialist Consultant)?

Works with your child's therapist and the treatment team when your child needs a special behavior management plan.  At Brookville Behavioral Health, we have Licensed Behavioral Specialist who work closely with individuals and families who have a family member who is on the Autism Spectrum.


What is an MT (Mobile Therapist)?

Provides individual and family therapy to assist the client and all family members in coping with symptoms of their disorders.


What is a TSS (Therapeutic Staff Support Worker)?

Provides one-on-one intervention with the child and helps caregivers develop the skills needed to manage their child's behavior.